Trout Unlimited

Conservation and FIsh Camp

Have you explored the photos and read the text on our homepage
to learn about our camp?  If you have questions, call one of the camp organizers
listed at the bottom of this page to discuss the camp activities, what to expect,
what to bring.

To apply to attend the camp, you need to fill out and return two forms:
the Applicant Information Form, and the Medical History Form.

Your application cannot be acted on until we receive BOTH completed forms.

To make it easy for you to apply, we have set up several ways for you
to get our application forms, fill them out, and return to us.

You Have 3 Choices:

(1) Apply online.

To apply now, click here and our Applicant Information Form will open on your screen.  Fill it out, then click “submit” at the bottom of that page, and your form will be sent to us automatically.  Before clicking “submit”, you may wish to print or save your completed form to your computer, so you’ll have a copy of what you sent us.

Then the applicant’s parent or guardian must complete the separate Medical History Form. The parent or guardian will need to give us emergency contact information, information on
all prescription medications the applicant would need to take at camp, information about
special diet needs, any allergies, a history of asthma, date of the applicant’s last tetanus
booster shot, and other medical or health information the camp staff should know about.

To open the Medical History Form click here.  When that form is completed, you may
want to print a copy for you to keep, then click the “submit” button at the bottom of the form to send it to us.  Remember: your application is not complete until we have received both the Applicant Information Form and the Medical History Form.

(2) Download the two forms, print, fill out, send to us by postal mail.

You can open the two blank application forms on your computer now:  click here and click here. Print the two forms on your printer, fill them out by hand, make a copy for you to keep and mail the two completed forms to us at:

TU Tri-State Conservation & Fishing Camp
c/o Suzanne Malone
14030 Roanoke Street
Woodbridge, VA  22191

(3) Ask us to mail you paper application forms to you.

Fill them out by hand and mail back to us at the address above.  Just phone or email Suzanne or Paul (below) to request that application forms be mailed to you.

If you have problems, or have questions about the Camp or the application process,
Suzanne Malone at (571) 641-9705 or email
Paul Kearney at (540) 229-0563 or email
George Gaines at (202) 904-3547 or email
Galen Westman at (571) 606-0307 or email

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